We’ve been looking at the way that Jesus IS the life, and how he becomes our life when we receive him.  Still fascinating to consider the changes that come when we are living out his life in us, rather than continuing to try and find the “good” life on our own.  Not by our effort, but rather by surrender and openly receiving Jesus, we can have the LIFE (the one we were created for!).
What struck me this past week as we worshiped together was the truth that Jesus had to give up his life in order for me to have a chance at receiving HIM and IT.  The life in Jesus that we have as disciples is a gift that came from Jesus’ willingness to give it up.  Had he held onto his own life and lived for himself, you and I would not have been able to receive the gift of new life, full life, that we so desperately need.  But out of love for his creation, God sent Jesus to give himself.  And now we can put our trust in him and become a part of his beautiful story of love and grace and hope.
We will continue to look at the ways that having the life of Jesus in us changes things for us.  It has been some drastic and amazing changes that we have seen happening.  Don’t miss it as we continue to consider together the difference Jesus makes!